Dr. Stefano Romano
equine osteopath

I have been taking care of horses’ muscular well-being for years.

In my opinion, equipment such as saddle, saddlecloth, saddle pad, etc., being directly or indirectly in contact with the horse’s body, can feel the muscular movement.

Loading and pressure exerted on withers, shoulders, back and on the area right underneath the saddle, when distributed as evenly as possible, do contribute to better preserve those areas.

Therefore, products benefitting from technical researches and quality tests, just like Dream Pad, are A GREAT HELP TO IMPROVE THE MUSCULAR WELL-BEING

Dr. Gaia Mosconi

“The percentage of horses diagnosed with back-pain is formed to a large extent by healthy horses that get fitted every day with saddles and saddle pads unsuitable to their conformation or, among amateur riders, with badly positioned equipment.

In order to keep a horse’s back healthy, it is vital to know which accessories can offer maximum comfort.

One of Dream Pad’s basic features is its ABILITY TO ADAPT ergonomically to both saddle and horse’s back, compensating for any eventual – but actually quite common – discrepancies that may exist between them. Secondly, its ABILITY TO ABSORB PRESSURES evenly, and also to distribute them when they happen to be asymmetric”

Dr. Matteo Derada
physiotherapist and Mulligan Concept teaching assistant

The jolting movements involved in riding can be the cause of various issues in the joints, particularly in the spine. This may lead to alterations in cervical vertebral biomechanics and to the development of vertiginous symptoms (dizziness), headaches and common neck pains.

As regards the lumbar spine, alterations derived from continuous stress can result in simple back pain up to more complex pathologies, such as neuralgia (sciatica pain /cruralgia).

For these reasons, it is advisable to use a saddle as ergonomic and comfortable as possible; consequently, a saddle pad ABSORBING ANOMALOUS BACKLASH and MAKING THE SEAT COMFORTABLE is always welcome.”