Dream Pad, entirely designed and produced in Italy, is a saddle pad suitable for jumping. It’s the result of years of research on quality materials and cutting-edge technologies, along with the first-hand experience of people riding on a daily basis.

It’s available in 3 stylish versions


Commodore Blue


Deep Black


Raw Amber

The revolutionary pad with Alcantara lining that combines modern design with maximum comfort, granting an excellent grip with your saddle and perfectly absorbing shocks, thanks to its memory foam inserts.

  • No more pain, muscle contractures or abrasions!
    Pressures get evenly distributed, providing top protection for your horse’s back, as well as for yours.
  • Say Goodbye to unstable saddles that move or lift during crucial phases such as jumping. Your saddle remains perfectly stable at any moment of your work.
  • Get rid of humidity, bacteria and nasty smells caused by non-waterproof, non-antibacterial materials.

Here is a quick overview of the components of our Dream Pad

It is the outer part of the pad, in direct contact with the saddle. Elegant and soft to the touch, yet resistant, waterproof, breathable and durable. Yeah, we are passionate about giving you the very best, from the most visible features to the hidden details!

Did you know that this material was developed at NASA in the ‘60s, with the aim of providing astronauts with the maximum possible comfort?
Here on Earth, we decided to use this high-tech polyurethane foam because, thanks to its thermoforming ability, it can perfectly model itself according to both rider’s and horse’s body heat.
Besides being an excellent shock-absorber, this material evenly distributes pressures exerted. It gives a light massage and protects both horse’s and rider’s spine, literally saving their backs.

A three-dimensional fabric that allows a constant airflow, keeping the pad always fresh and well-aerated. It provides increased breathability and expels moisture.

It is in the area in direct contact with the saddle cloth.This inelastic, breathable fabric allows horse’s sweat evaporation. Fleece fabric is commonly used in mountain climbing clothing, where high-tech fabrics letting your skin breathe are a must-have.

Ribbon-shaped, just like First Dream company logo, it is made of Zamak. Its surface has undergone a specific surface treatment (tumble nickel plating), in order to make it particularly resistant to wear, scratching and corrosion. It can be removed from the pad.

As you know, during everyday training you may find yourself dealing with all kinds of situations and conditions (withers come in different sizes and shapes, and there are different styles of saddles, too): we are therefore offering our Dream Pad in two versions, with two different thickness levels (2cm and 2,5cm), in order to provide the perfect solution for every need, always ensuring maximum comfort to both horse and rider.

Thickness 2 cm – Weight 398 gr.

This version is slightly softer to the touch. Its reduced thickness gives the rider a better contact with the saddle, providing enhanced sensitivity to the horse’s movements; therefore, riders generally use this version during competitions.

Thickness 2.5 cm – Weight 432 gr.

This is the ideal solution for long training sessions, where rider and horse are subjected to stress and shocks for extended periods. In fact, a greater thickness enhances the resilience of the pad, that is its ability to resist shocks, absorbing energy.

Choose the version that suits you best and start immediately to gift yourself and your horse with the SAFETY and COMFORT you both deserve!

How to clean your Dream Pad properly

Remove the button from the pad. Remove the Alcantara lining. Do not wash the button and the pad inserts. Machine-wash the Alcantara lining at low temperatures (Max 30°C), using neutral detergent. Do not dry-clean. Do not bleach. Do not add fabric softener. Do not use any stain removers. Do not spin-dry. Do not twist. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. Use a soft clothes brush to remove dust, dirt and hair from the pad. Do not brush vigorously, or you may damage the pad. Store your Dream Pad away from direct sunlight; keep it away from heat sources.


First Dream S.r.l. guarantees the product for 2 years for defects in materials or workmanship from the date of purchase. The warranty excludes defects due to normal wear and tear, modifications, incorrect storage, improper maintenance or use other than that for which the device has been designed.