Why should you choose a Dream Pad?

Why should you choose a Dream Pad?
Because it truly absorbs shocks and vibrations and helps preventing the back pain that typically plagues riders spending many hours in the saddle.

At the same time, it perfectly distributes the weight on the horse’s back, eliminating uncomfortable pressure points on muscles and spine.

Safety, health and comfort for your back – and your horse’s!
If you are still not sure what the difference with other saddle pads is, just have a look at the following table!

Aren’t you persuaded yet? Man, you are really hard to convince! ☺

Well, then, watch this, and see how Dream Pad really makes the difference!!

Come puoi vedere chiaramente, durante il primo salto (senza Dream Pad) la sella non è stabile: addirittura, la paletta si solleva.

Durante il secondo salto (con Dream Pad) la sella è perfettamente stabile, la paletta non si muove e l’assetto globale è solido.

Ricorda che, in assenza di stabilità, il cavaliere è costretto ad uno sforzo maggiore, andando a compensare per mantenere la posizione ottimale.

Why struggle more when with Dream Pad you can


*Avoid additional efforts in the most critical moments

*Have excellent performances

*Help your horse have more freedom of movement


What are you waiting for?